Tubs & Shower Enclosures | Care and Cleaning


• After being exposed to water, you should clean your enclosure using a squeegee or a fresh, dry cloth for the best results.
• Check your shower has adequate ventilation, which is essential for steam units to discharge moisture from the unit.
• Keep the surface free of all material attachments and contaminants, including dust, dirt, liquid smudges, fingerprints, and stains.


• 2 to 3 inches of hot water should cover the jets in the tub.
• Add 1/2 cup of bleach and 2 Tablespoons of a low-sudsing dishwashing liquid. You can swap out 1 cup of bleach with white vinegar to keep everything green. (Note: Some manufacturers don't advise using bleach since it can over time dry up internal gaskets; you might want to save the strong stuff for dirt emergencies only.) As an alternative, you can use dishwashing powder.
• 15 minutes of jets running in the tub.
• Empty then refill the tub with cold water. Run the jets for ten more minutes.
• To remove the muck, drain the tub and give it a thorough rinse.
• If you need a really deep clean, you can attack the jets with a bottle brush and a nonabrasive cloth.


• Use soft clean cloth, bristle brush or sponge and a neutral/mild cleaning liquid or warm soft water
to clean the surface for attachments that are easy to clean.
• Clean rust spots caused by attachments on the surface using grinding detergent or detergent specially
for cleaning stainless steel.
• Be careful not to scratch the surface during cleaning. Do not use cleaning mixture containing bleaching
• Do not use steel wool or an abrasive tool.
• Always rinse the surface well with soft clean warm water after cleaning using detergent and wipe dry.
• Ask your glass professional for a list of your enclosure’s stainless steel parts.


When cleaning your HMI Shower Enclosure, Keep away from harsh or acidic cleaners. Today's market offers several potent cleansers. Your HMI Shower Enclosure's metal or glass may become scratched if you use abrasive or acid-based cleansers. It's advisable to use the right kinds of cleaners consistently even though it's unlikely that it would happen with a single application.


Simply wiping the glass dry with a towel or squeegee after each usage can maintain it spotless for a long time and prevent mineral streaks from developing. To remove soaps, oils, and conditioners from the glass, it must be cleaned every few weeks with a moist microfiber cloth and a light detergent (like Dawn or 7th Generation). Although most of them are finishing agents rather than cleaners and add unnecessary expenditure, general glass cleaners are also suitable.


• Windex (Standard, Vinegar, Alcohol, Ammonia)
• SprayWay (or other alcohol-based foaming cleaners)
• Scrubbing Bubbles (or other automatic leave-to-dry daily shower cleaners)
• 7th Generation (or other mild Green cleaners)