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Mesa Monterey WS-0502
Free Standing Bathtub 71" x 60" x 28"

The Monterey WS-0502 is a 71" x 60" x 28" dual therapy tub. The Monterey boasts a spacious interior with a deep bathing well surrounded by rich hardwood decking. Sleek and minimalist in design, the Monterey offers ample space for two with dual computer controls, dual therapy systems, and included heat pump.

**Unit Comes With Standard Right Wall Configuration **  (Left Wall Configuration Special Order.  Please call us at 800-948-5213)


All jetted tubs and air tubs carry a (7) seven-year structural warranty against manufacturer defects. The structural warranty protects the structure of the tub from peeling, fading, delaminating, or cracking. All jetted tub and air tub parts carry a (5) five-year guarantee against defects. Mesa Steam Showers carries most replacement parts in stock and will arrange for a spare part to be delivered to you.

**Includes A Flexible Drain Hose. This means putting your drain anywhere you want!! Read more here**

  • 12 Whirlpool Jets
  • Dual Air and Hydrotherapy
  • Dual Head Rests
  • Handheld Movable Shower
  • Dual Controls
  • Dual Motors
  • Wooden Decking
  • Deep Bathing Well
  • 7-year Limited Warranty
  • Interior dimensions 60" x 48" 
  • Dry Weight 400 pounds
  • Full Weight 1025 pounds
  • 85 Gallons

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    Your satisfaction is our goal. Over 15,000+ happy customers can't be wrong! We go to great lengths to ensure you get the whirlpool bathtub that's just right for you. We understand some customers have hesitations about the remote nature of online shopping, and we'll do everything we can to give you risk-free access to products we truly think you'll enjoy. We offer the following 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

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    All whirlpool bathtubs we sell brand-new original manufacturer whirlpool tubs, air tubs, and jetted tubs. Each item we sell comes with the original Manufacturer's Warranty; this information is clearly posted next to the item on the product page.

    Installation Manual 



    Can I fit the parts through a standard doorway?

    Yes, all units can fit through a standard 32" doorway. Even units with a whirlpool tub will fit through any space larger than 26".

    What type of Electrical Connection and Breaker will I need?

    One 220v connection on a 20amp circuit.

    I would like to place it on the second floor, will there be a weight problem?

    The unit is about 500 lbs.+water and your weight, and that is definitely a case-by-case type question. Please consult your contractor based on the weights we have provided.

    What does the inline heat pump do?

    The inline Heat Pump is attached to the water pump, and the heat pump will maintain the water temperature in the tub portion of the unit.

    How many HOT/COLD Connections are required?

    Regardless of the number of showerheads, all units have one hot/cold connection.

    Where is the HOT/COLD Connection located?

    The connection is located behind the whirlpool hot/cold controls which differ per unit. Normally the hot/cold is about 30" from the floor on the back of the unit. Flex hoses are included for easy hookups no matter where your current hot/cold is located. Refer to the listing page of each steam shower for the exact location which can be seen in the diagrams towards the bottom of the page.

    Do I need an access panel?

    The whirlpools are designed to be free-standing units so that in case of an issue behind the unit, you can easily slide the unit away from the wall for access. The plumbing and the electrical connections are flexible so that you can easily make this happen. If at all possible, an access panel is a terrific option in case of any future issues.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Pass our expectations

    This is a great tub with all the bells and whistles. The wooden skirt looks really nice. Keep in mind the size however as we had to upgrade our water heater to accommodate the amount of water it takes. You at least need a 50 gallon water tank.

    Kathryn M.

    The shower arrived in less than 5 days and was easy to assemble. The only issue we had was that several of the plumbing connections were loose and we forgot to tighten them so we had to go back and make sure everything was tight on the plumbing. Once installed it looks and works awesome in our bathroom

    Mary K.G.

    Great tub, great price, fast shipping. Would absolutely recommend!

    Mr. E.

    Great whirlpool tub at a great price. The installation took some time but I hired someone for that.

    Happy to this day. Thanks.

    Bobby N.
    It's way to big!

    The tub is way to big. It's like a hot tub/ swimming pool in your bathroom. I had to upgrade my water heater also because the tub takes so much water. Plus you have to fill the tub all the way up and turn on the back massagers before you can use the heater , that's crazy. The tub holds more water than my fishtank that covers a whole wall. As you can see, I'm not to pleased at all. Yes it's a beautiful tub, but who needs one this big

    John L.

    Mesa Monterey WS-0502 Free Standing Bathtub 71" x 60" x 28"